El Camino de Santiago


After leaving the Refugio, I continued down a tree lined path paralleling the road for about 5km before arriving in the village of Espinal where I stopped for coffee and a muffin. After a short rest, I continued on. There was a lot of rain lately leading to a muddy path, sometimes with large pools of standing water forcing me to walk back to the road, continuing on that till I could pick up the path again. I soon ran into Robert, Sebastian and a few other Dutch Pilgrims. It was a task to keep up with them since I learned later that they belonged to a walking club and they picked the Camino this year to walk (all the way from the Netherlands). After around another 5 km, I made it to the top of a large hill which happened to have a park. I came upon a group of local people having a picnic. After a few minutes of conversation, one of the people offered me a drink from a rather large unmarked bottle. Not wanting to be rude, I took a small sip. I then realized that it was homebrew hard cider. To make a long story, short, on the long, steep path downhill, I went head over heels about half way down. I had struck my knee on a large rock. While holding my knee, waiting for someone to come along, it struck me that I hadn't seen another pilgrim for quite some time. Had I missed a marker, putting me on the wrong path, I wondered. After a while, I started to feel better and decided to continue the path down to the bottom of the hill. I soon noticed the yellow markers and knew that I was still on the camino. The camino then took me into the village of Larrasoana. After dinner with Robert and the rest of the walking club, it was on to the refugio and sleep. Another night of loud snoring.

A work in progress